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Carbon cooking utensils take full advantage of using the working principle. That is to say, when it heated by carbon materials, which emits far-infrared rays that is good for human healthy. Therefore, the nutrients in the ingredients are fully released by using it. At the same time, the excellent characteristics of carbon materials, magnetic conductivity, thermal conductivity and heat and cold resistance, provides users with super interesting and subversive cooking experience while adapting to various heating modes.

The development prospects of carbon cooking utensils are unlimited, because its advantages are incomparable, and the market is basically blank. In this regard, we sincerely invite strong enterprises in the industry with unique vision and broad mind to become pioneers and market leaders in this field by processing or by other means of cooperation.

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Graphite is an excellent environmentally friendly material, commonly known as carbon, high temperature resistance of more than 3,000 degrees, heating produces a lot of far infrared. The effect of carbon cooking is unparalleled.

Far Infrared Heating

With the invisible far infrared, stimulate the nutrient and fresh fragrance of the ingredients, the achievement of blooming in the tip of the tongue delicious.

Excellent Thermal Conductivity

More than a few times the thermal conductivity of ordinary cookware makes Carbon-Cookware more uniform in heat conduction and faster in heating.

Pure Carbon More ECO-Friendly

99.9% pure carbon, no harmful substances are precipitated, not only environmentally friendly but also healthy.

Interested For Carbon-Cookware

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We are a graphite manufacturer with our own production line and own facilities to machine required carbon-cookware.

Quality Control

XRD believes, Quality is not built in a day. To guarantee that we maintain the high standards that our customer set, our quality control staff is inspected parts and keep records for every batch for every order.

Certified Engineers

We have experts with over 25 years experience in the graphite/carbon industry. We’ve also utilize our CAD designers and qualified technicians with years of graphite experience to produce consistent graphite products to meet your needs.


We are also able to import your 3D files into SolidWorks for design validation. Prototypes and samples can be provided to confirm design and details prior to mass production.

No Mold Free Required

Unlike traditional casting processes, carbon-cookware can be CNC machined, so you don’t have to pay extra mold fees. Therefore, it is easier to develop new products.


XRD Graphite has CAD software that can accept a wide range of CAD files. We can convert your files in CAM and input it into the CNC machine. We are able to machine graphite parts upto Tolerance+/- 0.02mm.


Heat transfer plate / Defrost Tray

Perfectly solve the problem that ceramic casserole and other cooking utensils cannot be heated by electromagnetic cooker; Can also block the direct action of open flame on enamel pot and other high-grade pot tools, avoid discoloration; Can let the pot heat evenly, easy to clean

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+(86) 186 2536 8223

+(86) 186 2536 8223

Have a project for us?
Call us now!

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Studying in the UK for many years, rich overseas work experience, 2011 assisted the chairman to start XRD, currently responsible for international trade.

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Discussion & Planning

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Confirm The Project

Confirm the plan, develop a specific production and processing plan, and confirm the final process with you.


Batch production of products through professional CNC equipment. Stable and efficient.

Quality inspection & Delivery

Every product has to undergo our rigorous inspection and finally delivered to you in a timely manner.



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